October 12, 2018

Visiting Instructions


Note: we have a new location in TU Delft. The symposium will be held in the PULSE building and not in the Social Data Lab as previously indicated.

The Symposium on Interdisciplinary Insights into Group Dynamics will take place in the PULSE building on the campus of Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands. Delft is a historic city known for its blue and white pottery, canals and traditional architecture. The campus of the university consists of 8 faculties and houses about 5000 employees and more than 21000 students. A map of the campus can be found here.

The address of the venue is:

Landbergstraat 19,
Delft University of Technology

Getting to Delft

Delft enjoys a frequent direct train service to Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (40 minutes), one of Europe’s main hubs with flights to more than 300 destinations worldwide. Additionally, Rotterdam The Hague airport is located within 10 km of the venue and offers service to 40 European destinations. It is recommended to travel through Schiphol because this is usually more convenient than reaching Delft from the airport of Rotterdam.

Train tickets to Delft can be obtained using the yellow ticket machines at the plaza of Schiphol, near the entrance to the train platforms. The ticket comes as a single-use OV Chipkaart, which is an electronic card that needs to be activated at one of the check-in terminals before entering the train platform. After arriving in Delft you need to use this card again when leaving the station. If you plan to make more trips using public transport, then it is advisable to buy a (reusable) anonymous OV Chipkaart at the ticket machine, which costs 7.50 euro. More detailed information about the card can be found here. For planning the train journey we refer to the website of NS. Make sure that you use the station ‘Delft’ rather than ‘Delft Zuid’.

After arriving at the train station of Delft, the conference venue can be reached using bus 40, 55, 69 or 174 (bus stop TU Aula), which takes about 5 minutes. Tickets can be obtained from the bus driver, or you can check in using your reusable OV Chipkaart. Walking from the train station to the conference venue takes about 25 minutes. The walking distance from the train station to the historic city center of Delft is about 15 minutes.

The smartphone apps ‘Reisplanner Xtra’ and ‘9292’ provide real-time travel information for public transport. More detailed directions can be obtained using Google Maps.

Staying in Delft

Although it is possible to stay in nearby cities like Rotterdam and The Hague, staying in Delft is the most comfortable option and there are plenty of choices for accommodation. We recommend the following hotels in Delft:

For those traveling to Delft by car Westcord hotel is a good option.

The hotels charge between €85 and €125 for the standard rooms.